Mauve Headpiece
Mauve Headpiece
Mauve Headpiece
Mauve Headpiece

Mauve Headpiece Jewel Albina

24h - 48h

Headpiece Jewelry flower style with crystal finish. Very flexible and versatile adapts to all types of hair.

Very delicate, elegant and light. 

For every girlfriend style. From the best to the most classic.

Measures: 19 x 4.5 cm.


Headpiece for the bride or a wedding guest.

A piece that will bring a very special light to your hairstyle

Made with high-quality crystal in finished silver mate.

Very flexible and moldable. We advise you to take it to the hair test and make your hair or apply it to your hair in the most favourable way.

You can easily place it thanks to the prey that it carries on the ends to be able to subject it to hairy with clothes.

You will be surprised how easy and comfortable it is.

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