Purple Headdress
Purple Headdress

Fascinator Headpiece Amaia Purple

24h - 48h

Flower headdress for godmothers, bridesmaids and guest. Garnish with fabric flower, leaves and purple reddish.

A wedding headpiece that you can adapt to your hairstyle and use it as an ornament of your dress.

Bridal touch with flowers very indicated for day weddings. The clay head is elegant, chic and very romantic.

Ideal also as a flower brooch to adorn your party outfit.

Measures: 10.5 x 17 cm.


Headdress for godmother, bridesmaid or wedding guests. Made with fabric flowers, pink leaves and tul net in color purple.

A wedding headpiece with a very romantic style. You can use it as a headdress or as an accessory to your dress.

The accessories must be adapted to the style and personality of each bride, and Flormoda We bet for exclusivity and attention in all our hand-made designs in our factory in Barcelona using always top quality materials.

The designs with flowers and pistils provide a very romantic air, classic materials that with our designs acquire a very current look.

The hairstyle you choose will determine the headdress to choose. The best thing is to have a hairdressing professional who advises you and according to him design the wedding look that best suits you.

All our headdresses are delivered with a box.

10.5 x 17 cm
clamp and pincer

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