Party golden bela

Fascinator Headpiece Bela Golden

24h - 48h

Beautiful headdress witg base on sinamay, decorated with flower, leaves and feather of ostrich burnt in color golden.

Its asymmetrical shape provides a modern and chic touch.

Thanks to its inclination, this flower headdress helps to stylize the figure. 

Measures:14.5 x 24 cm.


flower headdress Beautiful in golden.

One of the favorite guest trends. The feathers provide an exotic and glamorous touch.

Headdress perfect to be the perfect guest.

You will give style and personality to your dress, change complements and reuse your dress without the concern of repeating.

In Flormoda We have a wide selection of wedding headdresses.

Unique headpiece made entirely handmade in our workshop in Barcelona.

All our headdresses are delivered with a box.

14.5 x 24 cm

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