Set Hairpins Sky Blue (x4) - Margarita

Set Hairpins Sky Blue (x4) - Margarita

24h - 48h

Ceremony hairpins sky blue color. Perfect for Communion and Every Celebration!

This pack includes 4 adorable hairpins for girls, allowing you to match them to your taste. 

Each hairpin is delicately shaped like little daisies, adding a touch of charm to any special occasion.

Measures of a diameter of 4,5 cm (flower)


Young Girl's Hairpins, adorned with delicate cloth daisies.

Romantically designed hairpins, featuring exquisite little cloth daisies sky blue color. 

This stylish accessory is perfect for delighting the little girls!

Ideal for a casual look or to add a touch of elegance to weddings, communions, and special celebrations. 

Handmade with care in our workshop in Barcelona.

Flormoda is dedicated to creating bridal accessories, guests, and delightful pieces for girls

Lt. Blue

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