Aquamarine irine wedding comb
Hair comb Aquamarine
Aquamarine irine wedding comb
Hair comb Aquamarine

Hair Comb Irina Aquamarine


Elevate your most important celebrations with our wedding comb, adorned with transparent crystals and aquamarine stones. 

Introducing one of our new designs, this Victorian-style comb adds a touch of color, allowing you to perfectly complement your look as a stepmother or guest.

Measures: 8 x 4.7 cm


An exquisite comb adorned with aquamarine crystals

Our exquisite jewel comb, featuring transparent crystals and aquamarine, is designed to frame your face and securely hold your hair in place.

We take pride in our commitment to design and continuous innovation in all our hair accessories, which are crafted using top-quality crystals. 

Each piece is meticulously treated with a rhodium plating process, ensuring both durability and enhancing its beauty

Our elegant combs, suitable for brides and wedding guests alike, are the perfect complement to your attire, adding the finishing touch to your overall look.

8 x 4.7 cm

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