Golden comb joanne
Joanne jewelry comb in gold color
Measures comb joanne
Golden comb joanne
Joanne jewelry comb in gold color
Measures comb joanne

Bridal Hair Comb Joanne


Pgirlfriend eineta beautiful and very elegant.  Ideal for boho styles, chic...

Floral style with crystal and natural pearl in golden finish.

Stop. braids, collected, semi-rechosen, loose hair...

Jewelry Touch very versatile that will make you uncover anywhere and anywhere.

Bridal headdress is ideal for easy placement, it allows you to fix and adorn your hairstyle. 

Measures: 12 x 5 cm.



Bridal comb manufactured in our factory in Barcelona with top quality materials: glass and natural pearl in gold finish.

We apply an excellent rhodium bath that gives you a quality finish that embellishs and protects the piece.

 wedding headdresses they will be the perfect companion to your dress and determine the final result of your stylism.

Designs with pearl or jewelry style are trendy.

It is very important to perform an evaluation of the headdress and the most appropriate option according to the hairstyle you choose, the wedding style, the wedding dress and that also fits your style and personality.

wedding combs They are delivered with box.

12 x 5 cm

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